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Window Blinds & Shades | Cleaning & Repair Services


We don't like pricing complexities or hidden fee's anymore than you. For your convenience, our pricing model is simple!


Blind and Shade Cleaning:

      Horizontal Blinds and Shades* (under 8 feet wide or 5.5 feet tall)-----               -------------------------------$20.00 / piece   (price increasing to $22 / piece June 1st 2024)

      Over sized horizontal blinds------------------------     Contact for pricing

 Vertical Shades ----------------$1.25 / vein  (price increasing to $1.50 / vein June 1st 2024)


Blind Repair:

      Most Blinds and shades -------------------------------------- $15.00 / string

      Tilter Replacement---------------------------------------$15.00 + cost of parts

      Continuous cord replacement---------------------------$15.00 + cost of parts

      Other repairs---------------------------------------           call for pricing



Listed prices include blind or shade removal, on-site service (cleaning or repair), and re-hanging. Prices do not reflect applicable sales tax.


The (not-so) fine print:

     Minimum charge: $60 for Blind Repair / $70 for Blind Cleaning price (Blind Cleaning Minimum Increasing to $80 June 1st 2024)

     A fuel surcharge will apply to jobs located outside Yakima, depending on distance. Have a neighbor or friend interested in cleaning as well? Schedule your cleaning on the same day, to split the fuel surcharge! Contact us for specific pricing for your location.


Contact us today at (509)941-7378, to schedule your cleaning or repair!





*Includes all types of horizontal blinds, included but not limited to: mini blinds, vertical shades, honeycomb blinds, cellular shades, top-down/bottom-up shades, faux wood blinds, silhouette shades, pleated shades, and more!


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