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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you clean the blinds and shades?

A: We use a truck-mounted, state of the art UltraSonic Blind Cleaning machine, which uses sound wave technology within a water bath to remove everything on the blind, including microscopic particles.


Q: Will my entire blind or shade be clean?

A: Yes! The blind is dipped into the UltraSonic machine, so the slats, fabric, cord, internal strings, ladder, and headrail will all be clean, when they are re-hung.


Q: How long does a cleaning job typically take to be completed?

A: We can complete most jobs within one morning or afternoon, but it is dependent on the number and type of blinds. We can give you a more definite answer once we know the number and type of blinds in your home or business.


Q: How much does blind cleaning cost?

A: Horizontal blinds and shades are $18.00 a piece in most cases (over sized blinds are extra), and Vertical shades are $1.25 per vein. Please refer to our 'Pricing' page for more details, or give us a call!


Q: Do you use harsh chemicals to clean the blinds and shades?
A: Absolutely not! We only use bio-degradable, eco-friendly cleansing agents. There will be no residual odors left on your blinds or shades.


Q: Do you have any references?

A: YES! We would be happy to provide you with the name and phone number of professional business references, just let us know!


Q: Do I have to take my blinds down before you arrive?

A: No. Included in the prices listed on our 'Pricing' page is blind or shade removal, cleaning (or repair) service, and re-hanging of blind or shade.



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